Expose a command for "Ctrl+Click to open to the right"

Currently, the latest version does not have the following commands. It can only be operated by Ctrl+click, which is very inconvenient! It is hoped that the following operations will be added to the command list to support shortcut key operations.

Windows 10
Obsidian 1.4.16

Perhaps you’re looking for the Split right command?

Yes! Need to operate through commands.

You can map any command to a hotkey.

Settings → Hotkeys → Split right

Is there something more you are asking to do?

There IS the command “Split right”.

Do you mean Command pallete doesn’t show the command?
If so, my guess is that you are focusing on the file explorer or something. What commands are listed in Command pallete changes depending on the current state of Obsidian (where you are focusing on, what type of view you are opening, reading/editing view…), so it will be not shown in the list under some circumstances. But the command still exists. Focus on one of your markdown note, open Command pallete, and type “Split right”.

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This is not a simple split screen to the right. This split screen cannot scroll left and right simultaneously.

My requirement is to add commands for binding shortcut keys for the following operations

Oh ok, I see what you mean now.

I’ve renamed your topic to Expose a command for "Ctrl+Click to open to the right" and I’ve moved it back to Feature Requests.

You could try

It needs to be installed manually or via BRAT.

It adds an icon to the ribbon and two commands to the command palette.

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 8.22.40

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It would be best if Obsidian itself achieves such a function! Installing too many plug-ins affects the efficiency of the software. But thanks for your help anyway!

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