Exporting with citations cont

Following on https://forum.obsidian.md/t/exporting-with-citations/75428/18

I found a solution to make examples 3 and 4 work.

Add these properties on the top of your .md file in source mode:

  author-in-text: true
  csl-style: apa

I have these extra arguments on Enhancing Export settings:

--lua-filter=zotero.lua --metadata=zotero_csl-style:"apa"

Why is this in help? Do you need help with anything?

The solution to that thread is to follow the instructions here: Exporting with citations - #5 by Feralflora

And to make the citation examples work, just use the right Pandoc citation syntax, as seen here: Exporting with citations - #19 by Feralflora

In that thread, the problem with the citation examples was using the wrong citation syntax.

The csl style argument is redundant, because you already specified that in the properties / YAML.