Exporting notes to a one-page PDF

Things I have tried

  • Checked out the community plugins and the forum for answers.
  • Did manage to install Pandoc plugin for Obsidian, but didn’t find the settings to do as I wanted to.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to export one of my notes as a long one-page PDF file. Normally when you export to PDF, Obsidian asks for a page size (A4, A3, etc.) and breaks down the note content in order to fit inside the pages. Since breaking the text blocks sometimes ruins the aesthetics, I’m looking for a way to bypass the page size and export my note within a single long page.


Two previous notes: I don’t use the plugin Pandoc and I don’t know in which way you save pdf in continuous one page in your computer (for that I use Devonthink).
Said that, I saw that Pandoc plugin export also to HTML. With the HTML format you can save/print to pdf outside Obsidian in the way you want.

Thanks. Not the easiest way but certainly a working one.

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