Exporting Canvas to HTML (and PDF)

I developed a script to export a canvas to HTML. Then you can open the HTML file in your browser and print to PDF. Any external links in your canvas will be clickable in the PDF.

First, open your canvas in Obsidian and zoom/pan to whatever view you want to export. Then open Developer Tools and run this script:

// Get a copy of the canvas content element
let view = app.workspace.activeLeaf.view;
if (view.getViewType() !== "canvas") {
  throw new Error("The active view is not a canvas");
let content = view.contentEl.cloneNode(true);

// Remove the canvas background dots

// Remove the canvas UI controls

// Remove the canvas node labels (image filenames)
content.querySelectorAll(".canvas-node-label").forEach((el) => el.remove());

// Get all the CSS, except for print styles
// https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/StyleSheetList#get_all_css_rules_for_the_document_using_array_methods
let allCSS = [...document.styleSheets]
  .map((styleSheet) =>
      .map((rule) => rule.cssText)
      .filter((cssText) => !cssText.includes("@media print")) // No print styles

// Global regex matches app:// followed by any characters except /
let pattern = /app:\/\/[^\/]*/g;

// Generate HTML & CSS. Remove any app:// prefixes from URLs.
let html = `
/* Use exact colors for card backgrounds and bullets */
body { -webkit-print-color-adjust: exact; print-color-adjust: exact; }
<body class="${document.querySelector("body").className}">
</html>`.replaceAll(pattern, "");

// Save html file
let filename = "canvas-export.html";
existingFile = app.vault.getAbstractFileByPath(filename);
if (existingFile) {
app.vault.create(filename, html);

console.log("Open this file in your browser and print to PDF:");
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