Exporting as PDF freezes animated GIF

I can just use my obsidian vault for myself, but I also need to provide the material for non-obsidian users (e.g. my students), so I tried to export it as PDF and the animated GIF stayed stuck on the first frame.

I was wondering if there’s a plugin or other ways to do this, similar to how the site mentioned in this video handles it.

Actually, that’s a limitation of Chromium-based apps & Electron - the Chrome browser, which Obsidian is based on behind the scenes, behaves the same way so it’s really a limitation of Google’s Chrome browser since Obsidian uses its native PDF exporting functionality (just try exporting a webpage with GIFs as PDF from Chrome and you’ll get exactly the same output)

The only way I can see this being addressed is either if Google fixes their browser’s PDF exporting to embed GIFs, or if the Obsidian team implements their own PDF exporting functionality, which I highly doubt is worth the effort.

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