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What I’m trying to do

I have a markdown file and create multiple outlines for items that I do throughout the day. I click on bullet point in order to expand this so that is the only item that I can see. I would like to be able to export just that portion of the markdown file instead of all of the data.

Things I have tried

I have tried just the normal export but that just exports the whole page. This happens even if you have the item already expanded.

I recommend you to use “Extract this heading” command. It is available when right clicking inside or at the beginning of your heading line.

To manage what gets printed on the fly, you can use comments. The cool thing is that you can apply comments to folded headings to exclude them from print.

Not quite what I was looking for here is an example. I have a daily note with a section of notes

## Notes

- [[Company]]
  - Task 1
  - Task 2
  - [[Project 1]]
    - This Week
      - Do
      - Something
    - Next Week
      - Will
      - do
      - Something

I would like to click on bullet for [[Project 1]] and then i can focus primarily on those actions. Then when done be able to export all the information captured to PDF so that it can be attached to an email. Sometimes these details include images and hyperlinks so not just text.

You can customize pdf exporting using css. There are some previous discussions on the topic like this.

Not exactly what I am looking for. That is all about customizing the output. I want to be able to export portions of a note to PDF so that i can distribute it team,slack or outlook.

Right now if you do an export it ignores the filter view and just exports the whole page so you get all content instead of the section you want.

I personally believe css is your solution but I don’t know about details. Maybe other more technically inclined users can write their answers here.

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