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Hi all,

Been using Obsidian for a few months and I am completely hooked. Been developing for my work notes, put a lot into creating a system that supports my work flow using canvas, dataview, templates, tasks, calendar etc and some colleagues have commented they like what I’ve put together and asked if I could “send them my setup”.

What I’m trying to do

Share my vault structure ( The folder structure etc as that’s important to my work flow, the window layout is too), the plugins, settings, templates etc so my colleague could just open the vault and start putting their notes in.

However I have several hundred notes and can’t share the info that’s in them, so I need to take my vault back to just the framework, plugins and automation etc.

I also use Obsidian sync, so wanted to confirm if I do this that the sync settings can be removed too.

Things I have tried

I’ve looked thru this forum, reddit and Discord and not found anything that discusses this point or found a plugin that does it.

I’ve considered zipping up the vault, restoring to a different location and manually deleting the notes, which is a last resort, but I’ll go that way if there’s no alternative.

Im also aware that I may have missed something in the forums, but I have been scouring for a while before posting.

Thanks in advance!

The settings and plugins and stuff live in the folder .obsidian. I’d probably copy that into a new vault, use the settings menu to remove Sync settings and anything else you want to remove from there, and then recreate the folder structure by hand. I’m guessing the folder structure isn’t so huge that this would be onerous. If it is, maybe you could write a note explaining the principles (or there’s always the last resort you mention).

(There’s probably a way to copy only a folder structure using a shell script or something, but I don’t know how.)

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Thx @CawlinTeffid, appreciate the reply and guidance.

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