Export to whatever, but the whole thing ... or so

Hey there!

I am currently thinking about the idea to finalize my novel in Obsidian. I am using now Scrivener 3 on Mac and on Windows to write, but I see that I could fulfil all tasks in Obsidian:

  • Charactersheets
  • Notes
  • Ideas
  • Manuscript

The only thing I miss (or have not found yet) is a functionality to mark several folders with lots of MD files (I like to break the manuscript into chapters and each chapter is a folder) and export it that way that at the end, let’s say, 30 files stored in 5 folders are being put together to one big file.

Is there a function in Obsidian that can do that, or has anyone of the smart guys who are developing plugins, created something that can export and build a file?


Try the longform plugin:

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You can also merge files together using Dataview and Templater plugins, see example here: Merge notes based on metadata (with Templater and Dataview api).

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You could also try pandoc, a command-line program for converting formats, which allows you to merge as you convert. There’s a pandoc plugin for Obsidian; I don’t know how or of it handles merge options.

I plan to use Ulysses to do my exporting because it has a nice interface for it. The options for Obsidian are a little too DIY for my taste.

I’d agree with this.
It’s also easy to manage sequences in WriteMonkey3, but the export view is better in Ulysses (& Inspire Writer). otoh, if there’s a further process, such as Vellum, then the simple export in the correct sequence should be sufficient.


Thanks to you all for your helpful postings. For now, I continue using Scrivener for writing the first draft of my typescripts and use Obsidian for all related notes. The export abilities maybe good for tech-affine people, but they seem to me not intuitive and easy to use.


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