Export to standard markdown

Use case or problem

Is exporting to standard markdown still on the Obsidian Roadmap? I talked with the dev of the Obsidian Enhancing Export plugin. The plugin allows users to use Pandoc to export Obsidian notes to a variety of file types, but requires standard Markdown links, not wikilinks.

After discussing this issue with the dev, I decided to wait before adding my own link conversion code to the plugin, as the Trello roadmap had exporting to standard markdown on it, which would have been the best solution.

I noticed that it is no longer on the new roadmap (Obsidian Roadmap - Obsidian). Is this feature still planned or on hold?

Proposed solution

An Obsidian-native export to standard Markdown that converts all wikilinks to standard Markdown links is the best solution to this problem, and makes logical sense as part of Obsidian’s mission to be as close to open standards like Markdown as possible.

Current workaround (optional)

If there are no plans for this feature currently, I will add my own link conversion code to the Obsidian Enhancing Export plugin.


It will happen someday but it’s in the short term plans. I suggest you go ahead.

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wow,it is really good

Is this supposed to be functionally equivalent at publishing time to Obsidian client in how ![[embed link#heading]] and ![[embed link#^blockId]] are expanded/transcluded at time of UI rendering ?