Export to PDF with very long equations

Sometimes when I export a note to PDF, long equations get truncated and can’t fit on page.

Is there a smarter tool or plugin that exports notes to PDFs, that automatically reflows content such as a LaTeX equations or at least renders equations smaller when it realizes they won’t fit?


One solution would be to convert md to LaTeX documents using pandoc and then resolve the problem there. LaTeX is designed to handle problems of that nature.

Execute Code and Templater / tp.file.path are useful plugins to work with pandoc, since you can make a template that puts shell commands to your note that you can run using a single button.

Another possibility is to export to some other format (instead of PDF) that handles more gracefully long equations ? Perhaps HTML. Are there any plugins that would help me do that?

What is your use case? Are you professional or student and what you need to do exactly?

I just want to share a note in a format that other people can read. We can assume these people are not tech-savvy, not Obsidian users, and will not handle Markdown by themselves. I should send them a “standard” format. For example, PDF, HTML are fine.

I don’t see how this is relevant.

I mean if you are professional and you need to share notes with equations, then you should ask help from your colleagues because the topic is very core thing to your daily workflow and how you are going to work with your colleagues.

Overleaf is one the solutions widely used to share LaTeX documents. The recipient doesn’t need to register to the site to view the document.

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