Export to latex project

I like writing my papers in Obsidian, but after my work is done (or to preview the output) I would like to export my project notes into a latex project.

I’m thinking about something like that:


The plugin would consume the selected index.md file with the following structure:

# Abstract


# Introduction

![[Problem statement]]

![[Use cases]]


![[State of the art]]

# Background

![[Decentralized dispute resolution system]]

![[Proof to justice]]

![[Message Board]]

![[Pseudo-anonymous vs anonymous blockchain]]

![[Payment for services]]

![[Storage network]]

# The framework

![[The framework]]

# Security analysis

![[Security analysis]]

# Future work

![[Future Work]]

# Conclusions


and output a latex project with one index.tex, ieeeaccess.cls, and all other assets. I know that pandoc is the way to start from, but I see the following problems:


How to embed internal links ![[]] into a sections/subsections?


Bibliography would be identified by the bibex key-value in front matter, for example:

/references/Information Privacy Research.md

bibex: @article{smith2011information,
  title={Information privacy research: an interdisciplinary review},
  author={Smith, H Jeff and Dinev, Tamara and Xu, Heng},
  journal={MIS quarterly},

And whenever I reference this note in some other note, e.g.

Therefore, we do not attempt to pick any definition of privacy; instead, we build on a more concrete concept that is anonymity [[Information Privacy Research]].

The plugin should recognise that this is not a section but a bibliography entry.


This is a minor issue, but the abstract should be handled differently because in latex it’s usually embedded in \begin{abstract}...\end{abstract}.

Assets management

I’m not sure if pandoc can handle that properly.

What do you think about it? What am I missing? Is it worth doing?