Export to keep relative paths intact

Use case or problem

I write a blog that uses Jekyll as its backend which allows me to write all of my posts in obsidian and simply drag and drop the .md files into my blog folder for Jekyll to process them into .html

I put a lot of images in my obsidian files that reference to my /Attachments folder but once I drag and drop the .md file to another folder on my drive, all of the relative links are broken and the markdown preview of the file in the new location doesn’t include the images.

Proposed solution

Since obsidian already has the ability to create links between .md files I propose the ability to export a .md file into a folder along with all of its linked files such that the relative paths are not broken.

This means when I’m using VScode, I can drag the images into my assets folder from this exported folder and have all of the relative paths update automatically.

Current workaround

Currently, I am manually creating this folder by gathering all of the linked documents until all of the relative links are no longer broken.

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