Export to .doc - incl. citations

Is it possible to easily export from Obsidian to Word - including citations?

Use case or problem

In academics .docx is (unfortunately) still very common. There are situations where - more often than not - I need to convert md to word.

Proposed solution

Zettlr has very good export option that include citations as well. Is something comparable possible for Obsidian?


Can you explain more about how this would work? How would Obsidian know what the citations are, what format to put references in, etc.?

There’ve also been a lot of other discussions about handling citations on here. e.g.:

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Yes, there is a way, just not from Obsidian. Pandoc does it, rather well in my experience.

pandoc test.md -f markdown -t docx --bibliography=test.bib --csl=chicago-fullnote-bibliography.csl -s -o test.docx

(You can of course change the csl to whatever you want to.)

It’s really worth installing pandoc if you don’t have it yet; I also hate working with docx files, but this way you can get them from markdown, latex, whatever. (You do need a .bib file though; I don’t know about the alternatives there.)

@ryanjamurphy, there could be some plugin or something in Obsidian that would parse a given .bib file and probably via pandoc produce a .docx output. I’m no programmer so absolutely no clue what this would take, but doesn’t seem impossible if it’s doable through the command line.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if we would have a native solution (or an extension) for such export options.

Zettlr and Ulyssis offer something like an export button (that uses Pandoc in the background) and lets you define the export format (.pdf, .docs, etc - and the citation-format based on the csl file)

I really would love to see such options in Obsidian

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You could probably create a feature request for that (if there isn’t one already, which I would be surprised by). To be honest, I don’t use the export function very often, and when I do, I just copy/paste the above line to the terminal, so it’s not a big hassle. But yes, it would be nice, and I would certainly use it.

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an extention for this would be pretty easily writable with this js library: docx - Generate .docx documents with JavaScript