Export/Publish from Obsidian with Zotero Integration?

What I’m trying to do

I am new to Obsidian and started building a knowledge base with the Zotero Integration plugin, and all is fine on my local machine, but then on Obsidian Publish I just see the bibtex key with no reference list generated or even a link to the actual paper

And is there a way to export this to another Markdown-based platform (Github wiki, Outline, etc) or Notion so that optimally I could export a subset (the ones that I have cited on Obsidian) of my whole Zotero database as .bib file? I tried the Enhancing Export plugin, and the exported .bibis just empty?

I come from a Lyx+Lyz and Zotero workflow in which a bibtex database is created which maintains a link to my “master” Zotero database (so if there are missing fields in Zotero, and I fix them, I can update the bibtex) giving my a “collaborative biblio” that I could send to someone and they can continue on that, like:

Is there a way to achieve this in Obsidian? Like multiple people working on the same knowledge base with one Bibtex database?

And as a backup solution, is there a way to convert all the bibtex keys to hardcoded links , e.g.

And I guess the links are inherently not well handled in Markdown in the alt text field of the images that I have now used, a habit that I had from LyX, to keep always the source of the image in the caption.

And is there a way to get image captions ideally with the bibtex keys there rendered to a citation, or converting again to a hardcoded link. At the moment I have used the Image Captions plugin by Alain Grainger giving my image captions without “active bibtex keys” (as in the reference is not shown when hovered over) locally.

And when I publish on Obsidian, these captions are lost and I don’t see the caption (at least the alt-text seems to be on the html source but it is not rendered making things quite annoying):

Or should I have chosen another platform for mixed personal/collaborative knowledge bases and Obsidian is not that suited for these kinds of needs?