Export problem - delete double brackets?


i have an export problem.
when i export my document as docx and the text contains links, i see the double brackets [[textnote]] :frowning:

is it possible to change this automatically? That the brackets are all deleted?

unfortunately i can’t find anything.

i don’t want [[linktext]] in the text but only linktext.
I hope it works somehow#

i found out that if the note already exists, it doesn’t show me a double bracket.

it is difficult…

when i click text as a placeholder a note is created, this is a good workflow.

the way it is now, i have to create a note first and then paste it into another note so the parentheses don’t appear.

it probably does not work to create a placeholder and then automatically in the background the note? but that’s how it should be and certainly does not work …
very sad …

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I find the solution.


that´s work perfectly :slight_smile:

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If you want this, there is a plugin that does it. I’m sorry I don’t remember its name.

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thank you for the answer.

i am unsure. i can’t find anything there.

it is important in the workflow that i do not change the link afterwards.

I would like to continue writing the text fluidly, without going back in the text.

if i write textnote right away, i am in the flow…

or is there a plugin?

OK, I searched and found it: the plugin is Note Auto Creator.

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thank you for your effort.

this works wonderfully with this plugin.
this is how it should be…
thanks again and have a good day

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