Export one slide per one PDF page

Things I have tried

Tried to change the theme to discordian, pisum, reverie, current theme amethyst
search for PDF community plugin export
Maybe related How to style the PDF with @media print? - #2 by argentum
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Customising PDF formatting - #4 by Bhume – maybe using pandoc?
Trying out Zettlr seems brought other issues as I have linked files in PDF export.

What I’m trying to do

I’m looking forward to making export PDF by using slide using ---, have one slide per one PDF page. Like when I enter into presentation mode.

Is there any other way to do to keep the 1:1 ratio? Add whitespace?

Right now I’m getting for example 5 slides into one PDF page.

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You can try adding this as a CSS snippet:

@media print {
  hr {
    page-break-after: always;

and then print in Landscape mode.

The print will come as per the preview mode, not as the slides’ styles and sizes. Here is one slide - page comparison:


You are saviour, works like a charm :slight_smile:
Thank you a lot!

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