Export of Graph view to svg

Hello crowd!

This is a request for a export function of the graph view to a vector based format. Is it possible to implement a function to not only screenshot the graph but also grab it as a svg for example.

Would be amazing!


I would love to be able to get a really big image of my graph to share and move around on.


If you then have “showing note names” enabled you could zoom in at various places in your graph image and can instantly tell what the notes (e.g. in a cluster) are about.

Would love to see that feature coming to obsidian.

A little “side feature request” I saw on the discord sever, was to be able to export the graph Timelapse as a video or gif file. I don’t know if that’s possible, just wanted to add it here.


Also would love this feature!

I would love that to! It’s a great idea!

Would be an awesome! In fact, will be nice if could be on PDF, or even a big JPG file. Cause we can use it natively on Obsidian instead of create it on another platform or software.