Export of embedded images

It seems Obsidian has a special md format for embedding images. Is there a way to use Typora’s format? I need a way to make PDFs, or at least copy notes including images. In fact I had to go back to OneNote due to this limitation. I’d rather use Obsidian due to many other advantages.

The method I have used is find and replace.

So I open my note in Typora. Then do two find and replace operations

  1. [[ to [](
  2. ]] to )

It’s not perfect but works for some limited use cases.

Thanks. Yes, that works. The drawback is that the path also has to be added manually.

if you have the images in the same folder as the .md file so that the embed is ![[image.png]] you shouldn’t need to add a path.

That’s true, but if I paste an image, it gets stored in my Attachments folder. I could of course chose to have a flat structure with all md files in this folder.

This feature request is for relative paths similar to Typora


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