Export Obsidian Note URIs in bulk?

Things I have tried

I have tried search the forum and help notes but can’t see an answer. Could someone point me in the right direction?

What I’m trying to do

I want to generate and/or export a full list of URIs to my Obsidian notes to then use them as shortcuts in Mindmanager, Todoist and Activewords. Generating and pasting them one-by-one is time-consuming.

Thank you!

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I don’t know of any way to do this directly from Obsidian. But here is what could work as a fairly quick workaround:

  1. List every single one of your notes.

Do a search for all Markdown files file: /.*.md/
Or to search for every single file, including attachments: /.*/

  1. Click “Copy search results”. It will open a window where you can specify whether it shows it as a path/filename or just the filename. If you have files that share a common name, you should likely include the path. If you often reorganize or change the folder location of your notes, then you should choose NO path! Otherwise your links might break.

  2. You’ll end up with a list like this if you choose paths. I tested one with a single quote in the name just to test that it still works. It does work for me on MacOS.

Readwise/Books/A Field Guide to Getting Lost.md
Readwise/Books/A Walk in the Woods.md
Readwise/Books/At Home.md
Resources/Back of The Napkin.md
Resources/Daily Habits.md
Readwise/Books/Four Thousand Weeks.md
Meta/templates/monthly template.md
Resources/So Good They Can’t Ignore You.md

  1. And then copy the full list into a text editor or script editor, I would change the paths into URL links. This depends on what software you know. You could do this as a macro, or as Vim commands. Regex if you know it. A scripting language like Bash or Python if you are comfortable with that.

a) remove the .md from the end (OPTIONAL. You can keep it on. It still works.)
b) find/replace any spaces to %20
c) find/replace any / slashes to %2F
d) Prepend obsidian://open?vault=YOURVAULTNAME&file= to every single line
e) If any of your file names have special characters, you might have to change it to the proper %XX code.

  1. You should end up with a full set of links:

Or if you choose no path. And no .md at the end:


You absolute star. I am extremely grateful. Thank you!

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