Export markdown with embeds

Is there a plugin that is able to export a file to markdown so it appears as it would in obsidian (text only)?

I.e. if you have a note with a transcluded heading from another note, obsidian will show the contents of that heading in the note and will also include it when exporting to PDF. However there doesn’t appear to be a way to replicate this as markdown/plain text.

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I have been wanting the same thing as then I could potentially use Obsidian to publish documents. But last I have checked the internal export to PDF is the closest we will get.

A work around could be to use longform but then it’s not exactly a WYSIWYG method

Sorry, what do you mean by longform in this context?

strange there was a link on that when I hit submit… anyways longform is a plugin to make novels and such. It’s a bit of a work around to tie scenes together. Once the work is done and you want to export the manuscript you hit compile and it takes all of those notes and creates a singular file. As I said, not a perfect solution by any means and probably only helpful to one writing a very large book. I added it to my list of plugins but have yet to try to do document writing with it as it still really doesn’t meet my flow preferences and it’s certainly not a WYSIWYG experience.

I’ve been searching for this as well. The closest I’ve come is to use Pandoc Plugin and export to HTML without Pandoc. It’s a clunky workaround, and requires you to then copy/paste the text from the HTML document to wherever you want, but it is better than the PDF because it avoids having the title of the file before its transcluded text and it avoids any formatting and word-wrap issues that PDF typically has when copy/pasting.