Export Image Plugin: New features have been released

Hello everyone, I am excited to introduce the new version of the Image Export plugin. I have recently refactored this plugin, and it now offers better performance and more features. If you have the need to export Obsidian notes as images (e.g., for sharing with others), feel free to use the “Export Image” plugin.


  • Export any article as an image, with the option to save it as a local image file or copy it to the clipboard.
  • Support adding watermarks, both text and image watermarks, to protect your copyrights.
  • Support adding author information (avatar, name, etc.) for easier sharing and dissemination.
  • Support outputting images at twice the resolution for clearer display on high PPI devices like smartphones.
  • Support adjusting the image width to cater to different scenarios, such as exporting images suitable for viewing on mobile devices or ensuring readability when embedding images in articles.
  • Offer flexible configuration options with a convenient WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.


Exported image:

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