Export Filtered notes as a vault

If there was some way I could move/copy the notes selected under a filter query, into a folder, even more preferably as a vault(with configuration files also copied) that would be very useful.
Some of us have multiple vaults and require moving content across vaults.


that would be amazing. I think a doable way to achieve this would be to have the ability to bulrename all the results from a search

that way you coul add a prefix name to all files, this woul allow to sort all the file names in your file explorer in your OS, from there it’d just pe a simple copy paste (or cut paste) into the desired location

so I think some bulkrename of files inside of obsidian would be great.

currently the same process with a manual rename file by file in a search would be tedious but possible.

I’m sure there are better ways that I’m not aware of

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As a workaround, would you be willing to use a terminal command? What’s your OS? Even if I can’t help, the Internet certainly will.


Personally, I use ranger (terminal file manager) in linux to bulrename as well as quickly select multiple files to move them to different places.

The complications of doing it outside of obsidian are:

  • Internal Links might break
  • Renaming (if going for this route) would also break links

I’m not even sure how to achieve this from the terminal, since the selection of files is based on a filter query inside obsidian, perhaps there’s some crazy way to do it if there’s a common tag.

I’m not sure about an approach like that, but there might be crazy ways through Regular Expressions, bash and all that good stuff that I’m not advanced enough to figure out how to achieve for this case.

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I’m convinced that you can replicate any filtering on the Linux or macOS shells and pipe the results to move/copy. Naturally, links to files that don’t exist on the second vault will be dead.


I agree you must be right. I find this complicated but if one knows how to do it then it does sound like a great option.

And you are right if that approach doesn’t involve renaming, then the relevant links will work. While, like you said, the ones that are left in the vault will break as expected.

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I use windows. Fact is I haven’t used the windows terminal at all. I suppose there are a lot of possibilities to what I can do with it.

I found this on Stack Overflow. I’m not even remotely familiar with the Windows command line, but it could at least be a starting point.

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