Export Dataview query results to CSV from command line

Things I have tried

I’ve managed to export a CSV from Dataview using the GUI as described in the following:

What I’m trying to do

I would like to do something similar from the command line, so I can automate the export of a CSV in a continuous integration pipeline.

I am using Git source control for my vault and I would like to set up a CI/CD pipeline that triggers on pushed commits (to a specific branch) and updates a CSV file (to be deployed elsewhere) with the results of a DataviewJS query. What I have in mind is: creating a Docker image which contains Obsidian and Dataview, so that I can run the DataviewJS query and export the CSV, but without the GUI interface, and fully automated.

How can I run a script to export the CSV from DataviewJS (without having a GUI interface to open a file)?

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