Export all images/attachments embedded in a note

Use case or problem

If I want to send an obsidian note to someone as text (and not pdf), the images cannot be embedded for them to reference and there is no easy way to send them all the associated images in another way.

Proposed solution

Provide a “download all attachments” button that downloads all the images and attachments associated with that note.

Current workaround

Currently, I have to send them the note file and then go through the images embedded in it one by one and send them to the person individually.

Alternatively I could turn on the setting that makes a sub folder called attachments and automatically puts them in there as I attach them however if there is more than one note in a given folder those attachments will be all mixed up anyways and the same problem presents itself.


Did you ever find a better solution?

I would want such a feature as well… somewhat necessary for embedding obsidian into a publishing workflow.