Export a complete vault as single html

For single notes you can use Typora - I’m using it to copy notes as HTML and paste them in WordPress’ back-end.

Similarly, you can merge multiple notes - either using one of the available plugins for Obsidian or manually (combining MarkDown files is the same as combining TXTs and can be done with a single command in a terminal) and then go the Typora route.

Of course, this way you lose any inter-linking between notes, and I don’t think images are supported. However, if that’s what you want, exporting hundreds of linked MarkDown notes as HTML while keeping their internal structure/links, then you need a whole different solution that I don’t think even exists.

This is not exact solution to your query, but look forward to this potential solution:

I recently found Publii. It is an offline CMS (static site generator). But currently don’t support any of the Obsidian features (except markdown input). However, they say they are going to allow extending it through ‘Plugins’.

Hope, it will help us publish Obsidian Vaults through it. Btw, I raised an issue for this specific enhancement on their Github profile. It would be nice if more persons, encourage them to bring such plugin.

Yes, exactly right. Obsidian is not as flexible as one would expect. Officially, it only supports pdf export now, which means that pdfs in dark mode don’t play any role.

pdf means that the complex CSS formatting will be broken.

Exporting with plugins also breaks Obsidian CSS formatting

html would be a great solution

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