Experimental & Ergonomic: the Micro Mike Theme


I am ThisTheThe. And this, is my theme.


  • Large buttons with clearly defined borders- you know exactly where you need to click, and it won’t make it difficult to do.
  • Colorful icons to distinguish different functions.
  • Small and high-density file viewer, outline, prompt, and tag view.
  • Generous window drag regions on top (configurable!)
  • You can click buttons with the cursor on the edge of the window.
  • Left-aligned readable line length in editor. Less eye movement! Configurable region size.
  • Heavily modified settings panel. Easy preview and easy exit.
  • 20+ items at once in prompt, as well as ergonomic placement.
  • Large, draggable sidebar resize bars.
  • Supports Quick Explorer very well.
    (this isn’t exhaustive)

In essence, this is a collection of UI design experiments on top of Obsidian. It isn’t going to out-polish the big contenders, but maybe it can put the right ideas in the right places.

Philosophy: Function > Style. Make it flow nicely - we’re a tool first, art second.

  • Why waste space on padding? Let’s pack in everything we can, so the user can stop having to abuse his scroll wheel.
  • Why make the buttons so small? Make the GUI easier to use with bigger ones. Little inconveniences add up - I’ve done what I can within the limits of CSS.
  • Minimalism could take some lessons from the past. Buttons with borders are nice - along with much more easily identifiable skeuomorphic icons.

I’m particularly indebted to Obsidian Windows 98 Edition, of which this is a ship-of-theseus-ed version of, and Terminal, which I modified the prompt from.

I’ll develop this further as I find other features of interest. Configuration is an obvious weakness at the moment, but it’s a good baseline.

What do you think?

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