Experiment - Shared vault with multiple users in Github

Hi :slight_smile:

I would like to do an experiment of sharing an Obsidian vault with multiple users on Github.

Here is an example:

Each user has it own subfolder. This is the default place for each user to create his notes.

There is a ‘shared’ folder for notes that connects multiple users’ notes.

This idea is very initial and “raw” and could evolve in many different directions.

Is anyone interested in joining this experiment? :slight_smile:
You can leave a comment or contact me in a private message.

This experiment requires working with Github and the Obisidan Git plugin.

Imho, is this experiment similar to the shared vault of the Obsidian Hub? I think you can discuss with them to learn their experiences

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How to contact the Obsidian Hub Group? That repo seems to be concerned more with meta-info around Obsidian itself.

I am also interested in setting up a shared Repository, but primarily with reference data, similar to Wikipedia and Wikidata. That is less controversive and product-neutral.

User Folders are a good idea, but it may branch out into a set of isolated, not integrated Branches.

Have a look at this repo of chemical Elements: SpocWeb/Obsidian.Elements (github.com)
I have integrated it as a sub-module into a larger Repo with geographical and astronomical data (not public yet, more is to come)

OK, I set up an issue with the obsidian community git admins. shared Repository with reference data, similar to Wikipedia and Wikidata · Issue #602 · obsidian-community/obsidian-hub (github.com)
Let’s see what they think.

There’s a hub-website channel in the discord server of Obsidian. I guess you would have better response rate over there

Thanks. Do you happen to have a link?
Never mind, found it: Discord