Experience improvements on viewing and editing

Use case or problem

Suppose you are in Live Preview mode, and have a file with a very long link at the beginning:


Some day you want to just shoot a quick glance at this file. You click the file on the sidebar, hoping to see it neat like this:


But unfortunately, the editor automatically gets focus and puts a cursor on the beginning. So you should see a mess:


Proposed solution

Any of the followings might help:

  1. Do not set focus on editor immediately when opening a file;
  2. Editor do not put a cursor immediately when getting focus;
  3. Make editing modes more flexible - for example, normally it is Read Only mode; when double-clicking on editor, it enters Edit mode; when the editor loses focus, it turns back to Read Only mode.

you should set default note opening mode to reading and then use the command/hotkey to switch to editing when needed.

Force note view mode plugin allows you to set a default view mode for each note.

The settings for each note override the editor’s default view mode settings.