Expanding bullet points additional features

In regards to the ability to expand or collapse an indented paragraph, the following would be immensely helpful for students using active recall:

The note preserves whether a bullet point has been expanded or collapsed, ie if I expand half of a list, leave, and come back to the page later, that same half is still expanded, and the other half is still collapsed. Maybe possible through metadata?

There is functionality/a shortcut to expand or collapse either all of a page’s bullet points or the ones highlighted. Either functionality is fine, but one of them would be immensely helpful, especially if the first suggestion cannot be implemented.

Ability to expand/collapse and the previously mentioned functionality exists in preview mode, so we don’t have to go into edit mode to do this, especially if the bullet points contains diagrams we’re studying.

Finally, things really need to maintain their indentation in preview mode.

That’s all, thanks y’all so much!