Expand Table in Dataview in Minimal Theme


I am using Minimal Theme and like it a lot. I just started using Dataview. I am trying to use it for dynamic Person pages, where I use Dataview queries to autopull data from various notes with tags. Essentially, I only worry about filling the data correctly in notes, and the Person note just dynamically updates via Dataview query.


It works well in Default theme, but it shows only a single line in Minimal Theme. How do I make it show full block of text? Is this related to table formatting in Minimal Theme / CSS?


TABLE without id About
FROM "💾 Memos"
WHERE person="PersonX"

Showcase (same query, different results):

Try this: go to Style Settings > Minimal > Tables and disable “Disable line wrap”

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Thanks for the suggestion. It was already disabled. Tried turning on and off and restarting obsidian. It is still showing a single line. :frowning:

SOLVED. Thanks to @mnvwvnm I found a solution. In Style Settings (a plugin installed with Minimal Theme), there is a setting under “Dataview”. You can switch on/off the long text trimming.

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Yes, you’re right. I forgot that specific setting (before placed in Minimal Theme Settings)

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