Expand Graph

Use case or problem

It’s very handy to use multiple panes with Obsidian, placing a local graph view in the side bar for whichever note is active. But when you want to examine that graph, it’s a little too small and you find yourself wanting to expand it. I notice Obsidian Public has a handy “Expand“ button on the Interactive Graph for just this reason, and I think that would be useful to users on their desktops working in their own vaults, too.

Proposed solution

Add an expand button to small local graph windows, like Obsidian Publish, so that you can quickly full screen the graph to explore – something like Quick Look on Mac OS.

Current workaround (optional)

My current workaround is to “Open current tab in new window“ – and you can of course attach a hot key to speed that up.

Thanks all!