Expand/Collapse button issue

I noticed that there’s some kind of “bug” when it comes to the Expand/Collapse All button.

All my folders are collapsed and the button, as expected, is set to expand all when I click it:

When I click a folder to expand it, the button changes to Collapse All.
This can be seen as “expected” depending on what one wants to do next, but lets assume it’s how it should behave.

Now the issue comes when I actually click the button to collapse all folders. It expands ALL folders first, then I have to click it again to actually collapse them all

So the first issue here is, of course, the fact that the button is set to Collapse All, but it expands them all.

Another issue is that there doesn’t seem to exist a modifier key to toggle the button. For example on a Mac we could hit CMD or Option and the button’s icon and behavior would change. So if I have a folder that’s expanded and the button is set to Collapse All, but instead I want to Expand All, I would hit the modifier key, the icon would change to make it clear what it would Expand all folders, and when I click it, it expands all folders. Or if I want to Collapse All, then I would just click it, no modifier (which is how it’s working now, but the issue is that the button shows the Collapse All icon, while expanding all folders).

I don’t think there’s a modifier key when clicking, but the mislabeling of what happens when you click is fixed from v1.6+.

Hang in there a bit until the next public release.

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Thank you so much for sharing this and good to know it’s fixed. Will be waiting for the release.

I also shared, on that same thread, my modifier key suggestion.