Exiting automatic pairing with the tab key

In some text editors, the tab key completes a string or action for you. In Obsidian it would be fluid for this to happen:

  • Type a [
  • A closing bracket is automatically appended and the cursor remains between the brackets
  • The user types within the brackets
  • When the user is done the user can type the Tab key which places the cursor outside of the closing bracket

The same would apply to other similar auto pairing patterns, like **. “”, and so on. I believe it’s easy for the Tab key action to deviate from normal behavior by analyzing the context.


Want to second this request. It would really help with not having to move hands out to the arrow section while typing.

Sorry for the slight diversion of discussion, but I just realized that when Obsidian automatically pairs parentheses, brackets, asterisks, quotes, etc, you can still manually close them yourself and it will simply type right over the generated auto paired characters. Just thought I’d share that since it is somewhat relevant here. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the topic where someone like myself was a little frustrated with having to resist manually closing them on their own. Hope this helps another person with stubborn muscle memory that has yet to realize this yet.


Someone in the Obsidian community told me about this plugin that might help: GitHub - phibr0/obsidian-tabout: A port of VSCode's Tabout for Obsidian.

It allows you to use Tab to jump to the end of an automatic pair.