"Existing Files Only" filter breaks when positive path is specified in search filter

Apologies is this is already under discussion. Please direct me to the thread if it’s already been pointed out.

Steps to reproduce

Specify a positive “path” argument in the search filter In the graph view, with “Existing files only” turned off and with notes in the specified path that link to files that don’t yet exist.

Expected result

Files that don’t exist that are linked to files in the path remain on the graph view, as they are not located anywhere in relation to the specified path. Turning on/off the “Existing files only” filter shows/removes these titles in the graph view.

Actual result

Titles of files that don’t exist disappear from the graph view, as if they have a location outside of the specified path. Turning on/off the “Existing files only” has no effect.


Operating system: macOS Big Sur (11.1)
Obsidian version: 0.10.8

Additional information

Workaround is to set only negative path search parameters–that is, use the search field to exclude the paths you don’t want to see with the minus sign rather than use it to specify paths that you do want to see.

The whole thing behaves as if files that don’t yet exist sit in some mystery path, and that you disqualify that location by including a positive path search parameter. This all renders the toggle to turn on/off these files useless, which seems confusing and unintended.

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Ok, this is not a bug report but a debatable feature request.

I can see somebody arguing that the files should not be included because you don’t know if they’ll be created in that folder.

I move this to FR.

we will change the behaviour in 0.10.9


Thank you!

Thank you so much!
Could you also close my feature request Graph view: make the search filter not filtering out unexisting file (if "existing files only" is off)? It is similar with this.