Exist a better way to export pdf?

Things I have tried

I tried various community themes and tested multiple time exporting notes in pdf’s, but always the result have some broken texts or big gaps in the bottom of the page.

Let me show a exemple

  1. Exist a better way to export pdf without this issues?
  2. Exist a pre-view mode of result in export notes in pdf’s?
  3. There are some plugin to show the margin in notes or something that indicates when you reached a second page in pdfs (something similar to the pages appearence of word) or the images you put break the flow of pages?
Sorry for anthing! I’m a complete newbie in this world and i really enjoying Obsidian as my main tool to study.

Hi @LEVAF. I am definitely not an expert in this area, but I will share a few things that may lead you in the right direction. Images can be resized and I think that it should affect the export, but I can’t verify that right now and am honestly forgetting. Regardless, here is a quote from the Obsidian Help about that syntax:

You can resize images using the following syntax:

For markdown images, use ![AltText|100x100](https://url/to/image.png)

For embeds, use ![[image.png|100x100]]

To have the image scale according to its aspect ratio, omit the height ![[image.png|100]]

A cleverly created find and replace can automate adapting all of your image embeds in one swoop.

There is also a way to force page breaks at locations by adding some code where you want the content immediately after to be started on a new page in the PDF export. Here is a link to that technique. It may help you in certain cases: Page Breaks for PDFs - #2 by ottovanluchene

What you are experiencing has also been my experience, and I believe that there are likely additional things that could help us. I should also mention that you can adjust the scaling percentage when exporting PDFs.

If the reason you are exporting to PDF is to get the functionality of interaction provided by PDFs like zooming, etc, there is a world of css customization that creates many useful adaptations to the note preview/edit viewing experience.

Good luck! Thanks.


Thanks, i really appreciate your answer and really helped me!
I will try to find some css customization.

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