Exclude quotes from unlinked mentions

I know there are quite some unlinked mention feature requests already but I did not see the one I would like to see yet. I would like to see:

the possibility of excluding text in blockquotes from the unlinked backlink search.

As to why I would like it:
I’m an academic currently experimenting with Obsidian for a research internship. For my workflow, I highlight PDFs from Zotero and extract the quotes using ZotFile, as I have seen others do. I then go through the quotes to extract atomic knowledge.
In a new .md file I make a note with the relevant atomic information and include the quote from the article for context as a blockquote.

For discovery of unknown links, I would love to use the “Unlinked mentions” feature to find notes that use similar words. However, the view is now cluttered with text from these article quotes, making new discoveries difficult. Hence I would love to be able to ignore the quoted text.

I am new to Obsidian and the whole knowledge management community, so apologies if I’m unclear or don’t use the correct terminology/format!

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