Exclude Photos in Obsidian in Galery

What I’m trying to do

When i add a photo to a note on my android app, i have the photo twice in my gallery. Is there an option to exclude Inserted attachments (in my case Photos) from the Phones Gallery? I use android 14.

Things I have tried

I searched in the forum and in the settings. I couldnt find someone with the same question. Changing the attachment folder path doesnt change anything in the phone gallery.

Sorry if there are infos missing from my side.

When including a photo in your Obsidian database, the photo is copied into the vault and a wikilink-style internal display link is created (![[image.png]]). To avoid making this copy, you would need to add this image through an external link. Such URI consists of an absolute file path in the form of [](file:///path/to/image.png). Such links are more difficult to make - you need to manually enter the file path, and will likely break when the vault is copied to another system.

Perhaps there is an option from the Android side to not include graphics from a specific folder, in this case your Obsidian vault.