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Is it possible to display only part of an embedded page? For example, I often take notes on books from a central page about the book, with insights from the book as separate notes embedded on that page. Each individual note has headers/quotes/paragraphs followed by metadata:

When I embed the notes on the main book page, I would only like content above the metadata to be embedded. I know that I can link to specific paragraphs, but in this case, it’s more about excluding a single section of the page. i.e. it would be great if I could exclude everything below the page break. Is anything like this possible (is there a plugin maybe)?

I don’t know if it’s possible to exclude parts of an embedded page.

Obviously if you are a able to define a heading with all the content you would like to be embedded, you could only embed it.

E.g. if you want to include only the “Circular Flowcharts” from the Workbench note, create a heading with that name, put the content to be embedded inside it (even with lower level headings) and make the embed:

%md link%

![[Workbench#Circular Flowcharts]]

In the example provided, I can see that you want to omit “metadata”. Maybe you can enclose it inside an Obsidian comment (%% commented text %%). It won’t be visible on the Preview of that note.

Hope this helps anyway!

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