Exclude .obsidian folder from GitHub repo language stats

I’ve requested GitHub to exclude .obsidian (settings folder) from calculating the language stats of the repository.
PR link: Exclude obsidian.md preferences by sanjarcode · Pull Request #6306 · github/linguist · GitHub

I use Obsidian notes with Git and GitHub - I store the folder as a repo. Since Obsidian plugins’ code is directly added to .obsidian folder, it is picked up by GitHub language stats.

Hope there’s no issue with this since:

  1. The settings folder is not the focus of the notes.
  2. Plugins we create won’t be affected, since they’re not notes.

Feel free to comment under the PR

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I think it’s better to just exclude .obsidian/plugins instead of the entire .obsidian folder.


I wish to exclude the whole folder because it makes the repo look complex, especially to a non-technical person