Exclude Logseq folders from backlinks and search

Hi there,
I am using Logseq and Obsidian together and the files in “bak” folder always show up and clutter the view. I tried excluding folder in Obsidian but doesn’t seem to work.

What I want:

  • All files underneath “/logseq” not showing up in backlinks and search

Please let me know if there’s any way I can achieve this.


Settings > Files & Links > Excluded files

I’m also having trouble with this. I have tried using Settings > Files & Links > Excluded files but this seems to have no effect. I select the bak folder and submit it but still the files appear in the backlinks and searches. Am I doing something wrong ?

As far as I know, the Excluded Files setting doesn’t affect backlinks (it does affect unlinked mentions). I don’t know why it’s not affecting search.

Can you describe what you’ve done in more detail?

Basically, it would be ideal if the “exclude files” can have an effect on searches and backlinks as well,k. Not sure if there’s any way around this but so far I can’t seem to find one. The only way I can make these files not shown anywhere is to delete all the files in “bak” folders :joy:.

It does affect search — I don’t know why that isn’t happening in your vault.

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