Exclude files from tag pane

I was wondering if it was possible to exclude certain files from the tag pane. I put a tag on all new files so I can easily view files that are a work-in-progress. I include this tag in my templates, which makes it look like I have more files with a certain tag than I actually do. I was wondering if I could exclude these templates from increasing the tag count in the tag pane. This way, the tag would only show up in the tag pane if there were files, not templates that had the tag.

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Hi @JonathanBuchh, unfortunately that’s currently not possible and there aren’t any workarounds as far as I know. Templates are treated like any other file. I could see this being very useful though, so I recommend you create submit a feature request for this!

Thanks @Liam. I didn’t think it was possible, but I wanted to make sure before I posted a feature request. You can find the feature request here:

A gentle query on how this feature request is advancing in the queue: I don’t know about others’ work patterns, but for me it would be great also to have either (a) an excludes file for each vault that excludes tags that would otherwise clutter up the Tag Pane or (b) an option “Display only tags specified in YAML” (or both).

As others do as well, when I collect Tweets or other social media to analyze, those come with hashtags others have specified but that aren’t necessarily critical for my own investigation. I reckon others will have comparable use cases where (a) or (b) above would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.