Exclude current note from quick switcher

Use case or problem

When I’m editing note A and want to switch to another note with Cmd-O (quick switcher) I get a list of recently edited notes, including A itself at the top. I cannot figure out any reason for including A except to make the quick switcher not so quick.

Proposed solution

Exclude the current note from the list.

what if you want to open that same note on a new pane?

My guesstimate is that, by far, the most common use case is to switch to the previous or next-to-previous note, in the same way that every “alt-tab” out there. To open the same note on a new pane the typical action is to split the pane, which is a quick action itself.

Another option is to keep the list as it is but to position the cursor in the second item. This is how ctrl-tab is implemented in vscode and what most window switchers do.

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