Exclude current daily note from Tasks plugin query

Hi, I want to query my Tasks in my Daily Note, but want to exclude the new Tasks I have entered in that days daily note. My Daily Note uses the title YYYY-MM-DD.

I have tried the Templater variables as both path and filename, with no luck. The new tasks are always included


  1. filename does not include <% tp.file.title %>
  2. path does not include <% tp.date.now(“YYYY-MM-DD”) %>

Can someone provide the Templater line that does work, or is there another way to do this?

As often is the case, asking the question helps me think of more solutions… and I found an example in the Tasks reference about using Dataview, that was easy to understand and modify to do what I want:

const query = `
not done
happens before tomorrow
path does not include ${dv.current().file.path}
# you can add any number of extra Tasks instructions, for example:
# group by heading

dv.paragraph('```tasks\n' + query + '\n```');

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