Exclude backlink mentions in link markup from suggested backlinks

I’d like to be able to exclude backlink mentions for keywords in Unlinked mentions that are part of links in notes, from suggested backlink mentions in the Backlinks panel.

For example, in this panel, I have suggested backlinks for the keyword fandom:

I have notes that link to a wiki for my Dungeons and Dragons game research. Although backlinks to keywords in the text of a note are very helpful, formatting keywords that actually form part of a URL in a link (in this case, these are Markdown links) breaks the relevant link.

In addition, suggesting these keywords that are parts of links just clutters the Backlinks panel.

:bulb: If it’s not feasible to just exclude these backlink mentions from the Unlinked mentions sections entirely (perhaps using a regex search to identify them :thinking:), perhaps it’s possible to add a toggle to include or deselect them as needed?


+1, I’ve also run into this from time to time. I don’t know that it ever makes sense to add a backlink in a URL, but the toggle is a safe bet in case anyone wants this. Another, perhaps more expensive, option is to add an “ignore” button in the unlinked mentions to remove them from the suggestions permanently.

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I’d be happy with a toggle to exclude mentions that appear in links, and take the risk of a false positive if there’s a weird link structure. It just makes the Backlinks section even more relevant, and helpful, I think.

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