Exclude a folder in dataview

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have a series of character pages in my notes which are identified with the following frontmatter:

type: character
attributes: [generous, funny]

I want to create a table with all the characters but exclude my template folder named Templates.

I can create the table with the character names but cannot figure out how to exclude the Templates dir.

this is the base query I have

table characters as "Character"
where type = "character" 

what do I need to do to exclude the Templates folder?



The most easy way to exclude a folder is with command FROM.

You can use a similar query:

TABLE characters AS "Character"
FROM -"Templates"
WHERE type = "character" 

If necessary replace "Templates"with the full path to your folder (e.g. "MainFolder/TemplatesFolder")



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