Excalidraw: How to annotate selected image in iOS app?

What I’m trying to do

I’m loving the Excalidraw plugin, which I primarily use to annotate screenshots in my notes. But I’m having trouble figuring out how to get it to annotate a specific image in a note when using the Obsidian iOS app. This is simple on the macOS app, but I can’t seem to figure out how to selectively invoke Excalidraw on, for example, the 4th image in a note.

Things I have tried

I tried long pressing the image to see if I got more options or trying to invoke the Command Pallete, but neither method allowed me to Annotate the image on a selected image.

no experience with ios but on desktop you need to select the image link or maybe it’s enough to place the cursor on the image reference and on the command palette call the annonate feature
that should work on ios too

you can try in source mode first if you have trouble doing it

I have requested this Annotate image function, and I am still fine-tuning with the developer… so I’m probably its longest user :slight_smile: (I mean the new simple “Annotate Image” feature as recently introduced…)

I do it on Android by switching to Source Mode, where I see a line with the image code. I click somewhere in this code and then clikt to command. For mobile I set the “Annotate Image” in the “Editing Toolbar” plugin to the first position. It then creates a new tab where you edit the image.

I think it will work the same on IOS with this procedure.

Then, once the image has been processed, it is replaced by excalidraw and it should work just by clicking on it… because for Obsidian it is no longer an image. Don’t repeat the command there anymore, because it will make you a duplicate annotation and replace the previous annotation in the annotation. Use the command exclusively on jpg or png.

See also my notes on using Annotate Image. It’s in Slovak, so you might want to make a translation, but I think screenshots are enough…


EDIT: I added English descriptions…