Excalidraw - Full featured sketching plugin in Obsidian

Hello, You mention I could use an iFrame to embed a « live » window to a Excalidraw drawing.
Would you have an exemple on how to write the HTML code. I tried using the Obsidian URL to the drawing but it is not working. Thanks

When I switch text block to text editing mode occur text selection. How I can disable this?
Is it possible to make text to be always in editing mode?

When text block in text editing mode I can’t zoom in camera with the mouse wheel. Can this be somehow changed?

How, by mouse wheel, to move away camera further than max distance? Can this be done by changing some parameters in .json files?

how can i create a mask inside a pdf embed into excalidraw that will reveal when i hover over it.

this will be helpful for active recalling the content while studying… thank you

hello, first of all, thank you very much for the plugin. It is so good that I use it on a regular basis.

One problem I encounted is that when I use my Wacom tablet and pen to write something, sometimes, I want to type rather than handwrite it as my handwriting isn’t that good.

when I try to do that with a Wacom pen by clicking the text icon and tap on the excalidraw board, the Window’s virtual keyboard shows up and disappears and I have to tap a couple of times to make it work.

The other work around is just to use the mouse and in that case, I can just type with my keybaord and the virtual keyboard does not show up.

Would there be any way for me to use the pen to use the ‘text’ function?