Excalidraw figure for my thesis

I’m so grateful for the Excalidraw plugin. Thank you @zsviczian ! I am using it to map out a set of connections in philosophy and sociology.

For those that are interested in the explanation…the late Ralph Stacey, of the University of Hertfordshire, developed an interpretation of complexity theory that explains human interaction and organizational life. Complexity theory is typically interpreted through a Kantian “systems thinking” lens, but this provides merely analagous and uninspiring implications when applied to living things. Stacey argues that interpreting complexity theory according to the sociology of Mead and Elias is much more useful. He developed the theory of Complex Responsive Processes of Relating (CRPR) that puts the focus on the interactions that make up “the social” we constantly form and are formed by. These patterns of responsive relating are understood from a Hegelian time perspective so that it is in the continuously iterating patterns of our conversations, power relations, and ideologically based choices, that we construct the future in the present.

I’m happy to be including this figure that I created using Excalidraw in my Master’s thesis entitled “Discovering theoretical foundations of Agile in the theory of Complex Responsive Processes of Relating.

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