Examples of incorporating repeating events into a daily dashboard?

I find that most good examples are from people who are already successfully doing something, so I thought I would ask this here rather than Help.

Assuming we all use a calendar, I have not seen anyone linking repeating events into their daily dashboard, like Daily Notes. I would prefer to use the Full Calendar Plugin, but because it can not put repeating events into Daily Notes, I have had to keep using Google Calendar.
I do not expect all your examples to match my choice of calendar or use the Daily Notes plugin, since others might benefit from examples of other set-ups.

I was reading the documentation and couldn’t find what the notes for events look like. If you wanted to present them in a daily note, I would guess that you could use Dataview to present whatever information you want based on the date of the daily note. I do something similar with the Tasks plugin and Templater plugin.

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