Example for using alias and tag in frontmatter

I player around with them, but either I do not understand how it should work, oder it doesn’t work in my workspace.

Can someone provide some examples on frontmatter and tags, alias?



This format works for me. Just be sure to place the front matter at the very first line.

aliases: [note title, alternative title]
tags: ["#tag", "#anothertag"]

Note content

Please let me know if this works for you.

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No, does not work.
The tags do not show up in my tag list (“Kategoriebereich”),
in other cards in link creation “note title” is not suggested as a link titlte
and when simply typing >note title< in card B, the card with front matter does not show unlinked cards (“Nicht-verlinkte Erwähnungen”).

Do I need to configure something?

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  1. Are you using the latest version of Obsidian?
  2. Are you sure the front matter is delimited by --- (three dashes)? I’m asking this because there may be some text expanding going on, and replacing dashes with m-dashes or something.

If both answers are “Yes”, I think you should file a bug report.

Yes (0.9.15, installer Version 0.9.2),
Yes, i copied the example to avoid using different dash characters than necessary.

How cam I file a bug report?

That’s not the most recent version. 0.9.17 was out 9 days ago.

Since your installer is many releases old, maybe you should just re-download it from the link at obsidian.md’s homepage.

If that doesn’t help either, you can file a bug report in this section of the forum.

Well, my installation told me, it was the most current version.
Corrected, restarted it: now it works perfectly.

Solved + Thanks!

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